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Job Vacancy - Sales Executive

May 23, 2023
Job Vacancy - Sales Executive
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Subject: Sales Executive | Eksekutif Jualan
Other Benefit (Optional): - EPF
- Annual leave
Company Description: Rental, Sales & Services of Industrial Machinery & Equipment
Company Name: Megah Equipment Sdn. Bhd.
Company No.: 1450510-K
Size: 1-4 employees
Contract Type: Full-time
Minimum Education Required: SPM
Experience Level: < 1 year
Gender Preferred: Male Only
Job Categories: Sales
Job Type: Non-Executive
Language Required: English | Bahasa Malaysia
Nationality Preferred: Malaysians Only
Own Transport: Car/Van
Maximum Salary: 3000 RM
Minimum Salary: 2000 RM
Email Address to Receive Resumes: ginakhoo@megahmach.com
Area: Shah Alam
Company Website: www.megahequipment.com.my
Job Description:
Job Vacancy : Sales Executive | Eksekutif Jualan
- Prepare quotation based on the products or services requested by customers.
- Prepare report required by Superiors.
- Handle order inquiries by clients and customers relating to product
availability, pricing and etc.
- Perform customer follow up to attain feedback about products and services
- Sediakan petikan harga yang sesuai yang diminta oleh pelanggan.
- Menyediakan laporan di atas arahan pihak Pengurusan.
- Mengendalikan pertanyaan dari pelanggan yang berkaitan produk.
- Lakukan komunikasi susulan dengan pelanggan untuk mendapatkan maklum balas
mengenai produk dan perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan.
Location: Alam Impian, Seksyen 35, Shah Alam, Selangor.
Send in your resume to:
Whatsapp: 016-755 3178 / 016-327 8519

Job Vacancy - Maintenance Technician

May 18, 2023
Job Vacancy - Maintenance Technician
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Job: Maintenance Technician
Selangor Branch : Seksyen 35, Shah Alam
Johor Branch : Masai, Johor
Full time position: 
- Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm
- Saturday 8.30am - 12.30pm 
- Annual leave 
RM 1,800.00 - RM 2,500.00 (negotiable) 
✅️Experience in diesel engine
✅️Can start immediately 
Contact us now! 
016-755 3178
016-753 6908

Screw Compressor Start Up & Shut Down Procedure

Nov 24, 2022
Screw Compressor Start Up & Shut Down Procedure
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What are the procedure to start up and shut down screw compressor?

Start Up Procedure for Screw Compressor:
1. Switch on power supply of your air compressor.
2. Check for any pop-up message or signal on the air compressor controller working interface.
3. Press RUN button to start up and run the air compressor.

Shut Down Procedure for Screw Compressor:
1. Press STOP button to stop compressor.
2. Compressor will shut off after 30 seconds.
3. Switch off power supply of your air compressor. 

Portable Air Compressor Daily Maintenance Checklist

Nov 24, 2022
Portable Air Compressor Daily Maintenance Checklist
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What is your responsibility to make sure the rental portable air compressor is running in good condition?

Here are the easy steps to do daily for your portable air compressor. 

Daily Air Compressor Maintenance Checklist:
1. Air Compressor Engine Oil Level
2. Air Compressor Fuel Level
3. Air Compressor Fuel Tank Draining
4. Air Compressor Radiator Water Level
5. Air Compressor Battery Water Level
6. Compressor Oil Level

Megah Team follow strict schedule on service and maintenance of portable air compressor. No matter our air compressor is on rental or standby in workshop, we will make sure our portable air compressor is in good condition for rental and sales. 

Feel free to contact us for more diesel portable air compressor care!
Call us or whatsapp us at +6016-327 8519 / +6016-755 3178

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