Portable Air Compressor Daily Maintenance Checklist

24 Nov 2022
Portable Air Compressor Daily Maintenance Checklist
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What is your responsibility to make sure the rental portable air compressor is running in good condition?

Here are the easy steps to do daily for your portable air compressor. 

Daily Air Compressor Maintenance Checklist:
1. Air Compressor Engine Oil Level
2. Air Compressor Fuel Level
3. Air Compressor Fuel Tank Draining
4. Air Compressor Radiator Water Level
5. Air Compressor Battery Water Level
6. Compressor Oil Level

Megah Team follow strict schedule on service and maintenance of portable air compressor. No matter our air compressor is on rental or standby in workshop, we will make sure our portable air compressor is in good condition for rental and sales. 

Feel free to contact us for more diesel portable air compressor care!
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